UX Design Internship at Amazon

FireTV Mobile app improving Media consumption experience of Fire TV User

Due to confidentiality, I cannot showcase details of the work that I completed during my internship.

Devices & Services Design Group


UX Design Intern


12 Weeks

The challenge

Throughout the 12 week internship, independently drive the end to end conceptualization and design solutions to enhance the customer experience in the Fire TV Mobile App.  



Uncover the customer needs

Investigate potential solutions that address the customer needs

Build & Test the prototype


Through a series of secondary research studies, expert interviews and deep dive analysis of the current Fire TV living room and mobile experience, I presented a series of research findings and conclusions to my team members and stakeholders to narrow down my problem space to the key customer needs for entertainment consumption with a mobile device.  These key customer experience outcomes and unmet needs were then prioritized and used to set direction for the next phase of solutioning work.


After prioritizing the needs, I looked up new ideas from everywhere and pitched a lot of How Might We questions. Various functions, service architectures were built based on the users’ journey.


At this stage, I brought my top solutions to higher fidelity flows and developed a users test plan to test my assumptions and answer any open questions. The test was conducted remotely, and about 15 users were recruited from inside of Amazon due to coronavirus constraints and confidentiality of the work.  As I continued to test and iterate the designs, the prototype was revised based on the test result to arrive at the final design solution.  The final presentation and report were pitched for the final presentation to design leadership in Amazon.

What I learned

Learn and be curious

I didn't grow up in a TV culture, but I challenged myself to learn about TV. Digging into the user’s expectation of TV and how they interact with it was one of the most interesting experiences I had in this internship.

Customer Obsession

Amazon is a place that starts projects with the customer and ends with the customer. The internship taught me to start with the correct questions at different design stages to make the customer experience better.


Even though the internship was 12 weeks, I was expected to consider the longer term impact and value of the solutions to propose the vision of the product that could help set direction for the next step of the project. This unique environment encouraged me to own my concepts delivery and speak to every step of the decision making process.

Invet and simplify

I learned to look for new ideas from everywhere, and not limit my designs by the current experience or a smaller scope in the short term. Instead looking for simplifiers or ways solutions could build over time to reach the intended vision.