Balancing health, life and work of people with diabetes

A multi devices experience alleviates pain, restores health, and extends life of the users

Due to confidentiality, I cannot showcase details of the work that I completed during my internship.

Medtronic Diabetes Group


UX Design Intern


12 Month

The challenge

Design a service that helps users to manage diabetes with less physical and emotional burden.

Diabetes is becoming more common.

1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year.

Diabetes can rule patients' life.

People with diabetes have to make major change to their life style from the moment the diagnosis is made. These transitions frustrate them both physically and psychologically.

There is no cure for diabetes

There is no way to completely cure diabetes.

Patient Centered Design

Before the internship, I thought design for people who have specific diseases is going to be straight forward because I understand their symptom. However, reality was not like my imagination. Numerous elements were intertwined. Users with the same symptoms preferred different solutions depends on how they feel with the solution.

Mental model before the internship
Mental model after the internship

There were two things that I thought important while I worked there.

1. Making the service informative and easy to understand.
For the users, learning how the lifestyle affects their health was a key to manage themselves. I worked on ways to visualize data clearly to all users included have low-vision and are color blind.

For users who have Deuteranopia(Green deficiency),
the color on left and the color on the right is same

2. Making the experience less frustrated.
I knew it is hard for users to be delightful while they are treating themselves. However, I tried my best to make the experience neutral while users using the service. Emotional support was one of the most important values.

The outcome

The service includes a mobile app, watch app, continuous glucose monitor sensor and etc.

Through learning an appropriate way to control blood sugar, users can have a optimal quality of life like normal people.

How to explore creativity from constraints

In the medical industry, it was not easy to make dramatic changes and try some new things because of regulation. During one year of the internship experience, I learned how to explore possible solutions within the restrictions.

Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams

Collaborate with people with various backgrounds, such as clinical research, human factors, and SW development.

Orchestrating multiple devices

Learned how one service could be different depends on different channels, how could I give the values to each form, and how to orchestrate them.