Yahoo Identity Design System

Providing cohesive trustful identity experience through design system


Jay Torres (UX Design Director),
Trevor Greenleaf (UX Engineering Lead),
Annapoorna Anusha Ganti (UX Engineer),
Sherry Chen (UX Design Intern)


UX/UD Design Lead


1 year

What is this design system?

This design system is a complete set of standards (design languages, component libraries, shared practices, etc.) that commonly apply to sign-in/up, membership and privacy of all Yahoo digital products.

Why do we do this?

We already have the bigger design system, but our team has more specific and slight tweaked core principles to design the user experience since we focused on more specific security/privacy related use cases.

We focused less on brand differentiation, but focused on how to adopt the larger system and how we customized to provide reliable experience. It provided following advantages:

- Alleviating strain on design resources helps designers focus on larger, more complex problems.

- It can be an educational tool and reference for junior-level designers and content contributors.

- Reusable components and shared rationale improved maintenance and scalability, through the reduction of design and technical debt.

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